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Lunar Creations
nocturnalskeletons sent: just an idea maybe idk but yea.. I love the merbabe hats but maybe one that looks the same but say merdude??? Your stuff is amazing btw just wanted to put this out there

Thank you!

Merbabe is actually a gender neutral term in the MKP brand!  As stated in the product description, it is a unisex item, and we stick to that belief, and our male customers have had no problem working the term Merbabe for themselves.

But we will definitely keep this in mind for possible future products, thank you for your input as always we value your opinion!

Stay magic!



u proud of me for getting a merbabe hat just for being michiru
look what u have doNE

yes i am proud; i am dripping with pride
and for the record, my waifu is the cutest waifu